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Stephanie's practice focuses on supporting individuals and families through the transitory journey of pregnancy and postpartum parenthood. She specializes in working with pregnant, postpartum, infant and pediatric populations.


Her therapeutic massage treatments aid in better pregnancy, birth and postpartum experiences. 


Through the application of massage therapy techniques, nervous system support, education and movement, Stephanie focuses on facilitating and maintaining balance and alignment of the pregnant pelvis and supporting structures. This helps create optimal fetal and uterine alignment, aid in more physical comfort for the birth parent, and create optimal space for the baby. Stephanie's hands-on work facilitates comfort, ease and relaxation.

What is pregnancy, birth & parenthood, but new growth, continuous development & a flurry of movement. 

Stephanie offers massage therapy appointments at the Wolseley Wellness Centre on Corydon in Winnipeg, MB.

Join Stephanie Maxwell and Mandy Renaud for "Prep for Birth: A Pelvic Floor Movement-Based Workshop" at Evolve College of Massage Therapy. This course runs quarterly.


Photo: Simon Remark


Stephanie Maxwell completed her Massage Therapy Diploma at Sutherland-Chan School of Massage Therapy in Toronto, Ontario in 2014.  

Alongside her own clinical practice, Stephanie is a clinical supervisor at Evolve College of Massage Therapy in Winnipeg, MB. She also developed and teaches the massage therapy pregnancy course at the college.


Prior to moving to Winnipeg, Stephanie held a faculty position at Sutherland-Chan as a Massage Therapy Instructor and Clinical Supervisor for four years.


At Sutherland-Chan, as well as teaching and supervising other courses and clinics, she:  

  • Developed and taught the Pregnancy Massage Therapy Course  

  • Supervised the High Risk Pregnancy Specialty Clinic at Sunnybrook Hospital  

  • Supervised the Post Surgery Specialty Clinic at Toronto General Hospital in Gynecology, Urology and Oncology.

Stephanie's has worked extensively with pre and postnatal birth parents, supporting them through their pregnancies and into postpartum life.

Her practice focuses on:

  • Creating sound postural alignment, which aids in optimal fetal placement and easier births with fewer interventions needed

  • Pre and Postnatal breast massage

  • Post cesarean birth and post surgical scar tissue treatments

  • Painful pelvic syndromes such as: endometriosis, pregnancy related pelvic girdle pain, sacroiliac joint pain & low back pain

  • Diastasis Recti Abdominis Rehabilitation

  • High Risk Pregnancies.

Stephanie holds certificates in:

  • Pre and Postnatal Massage Therapy and Breast Massage - Perinatal Massage Therapy Education

  • Pregnancy Related Pelvic Girdle Pain - Dr. Sinead Dufour, Reframe Rehab

  • Cesarean Birth and Rehabilitation - Pelvic Health Solutions

  • Certified Pediatric Massage Therapist (CPMT)®  - Liddle Kidz® Foundation

  • The InCORE Method® - Diastasis Recti and the Postpartum Core, Munira Hudani

  • Pre/Postnatal Fitness Specialist - Pelvienne Wellness

  • Core Confidence Specialist - Core Confidence Education

  • Infant Massage - Somatic Institute of Healing

  • Birth Work - Mamastefit

  • Yoga - 200 Hour Certification - YogaSpace 

  • Yoga For Pelvic Health - Pelvic Health Professionals

  • Postnatal Yoga - YogaSpace

  • Restorative Yoga  - Yoga Therapy Toronto

  • Yin Yoga  - Yoga Therapy Toronto

  • Yoga Nidra  - YogaSpace


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