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Birth Preparation Workshops

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This in-person course will equip birthing individuals with knowledge and understanding of their pelvic floor, core cannister, and pelvic biomechanics as applicable to the birthing process. 


Birthing individuals will learn how alignment, breath, movement and birth positions can facilitate the birthing process by increasing push power, promoting greater ease and creating pelvic space. Focus will be placed on ways one can preserve their perineum and pelvic floor in pregnancy and during birth. 

This class is a great addition to a traditional birth course and will equip you with essential information not covered in traditional birth courses.


Saturday November 4th

9:30am - 1:oopm

Evolve College of Massage Therapy

1445 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg MB

5th Floor of The Old Clarion Hotel

Bring a partner or support person with you! No additional cost.

Registration: 204-775-5521

Why are we so passionate about this workshop?



We want you to feel empowered with accessible and applicable information that you can take into your birth setting.​

We want you to develop an understanding of how your body works so you can work your body best in birth.​

We want to provide you with simple movements that will not only help ease some of the aches and pains of pregnancy, but will also prepare your body for birth, and postpartum.​

We want to arm you with the best birth positions, which will support your breath, create pelvic space, decrease perineal tearing, and preserve your pelvic floor.
















"We both felt so empowered & confident after attending the birth positions class. We have been sharing our experience with family & friends. We feel strongly that every birthing pair/birther & support person should attend your session & will continue to recommend it to our loved ones!"

Jessy & Scott

This workshop is exactly what the prenatal community needs. Birth is a natural event & too often women go into it with fear instead of excitement & faith. This workshop presents Birth as it should be & gives parents the tools & knowledge necessary to believe in their bodies ability to Birth their babies. 

Kelsey & Derek

Meet your instructors:

Stephanie Maxwell is a Registered Massage Therapist, a Certified Pelvic Health Yoga Instructor, a Certified Infant Massage Instructor, a Massage Therapy Educator and a Pre and Postnatal Movement Specialist. Her practice focuses on supporting individuals and families through the transitory journey of pregnancy and postpartum parenthood.

Mandy Johnson Renaud is the founder of Equanimity Birth & Wellness as well as a Birth Doula, Childbirth Educator, Evidence Based Birth Instructor, PAILadvocate, Fertility Advocate and GentleBirth Instructor.

Questions about the workshop?

Shoot me an email at: 

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