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Infant Massage 

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Infant massage therapy is an important tool to help alleviate physiological ailments such as colic, gas and constipation.


It can help develop muscle tone, coordination and strength. Touch can soothe an upset baby and provide fun playtime experiences.


Most importantly, massage therapy can be used as a bonding experience where deep human to human connection can develop through therapeutic touch that embodies safety and love.


Infant massage is a reciprocal experience where your baby is learning about you and the world and you are learning about your baby. Through touch, you can deepen your understanding of your baby’s unique body language and subtle cues. 

You will learn a full body routine including: 

• Arms and legs 

• Hands and feet 

• Chest 

• Back 

• Abdomen 

• Head and face 

As well as techniques to help soothe: 

• Colic 

• Gas 

• Constipation 

• Teething 

• Congestion 

This workshop is suitable for individuals with infants 6 weeks older or greater.

No previous experience is required. 

Offered in partnership with Equanimity Birth & Wellness

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