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I LOVE YOU Infant Massage

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

Have you tried the "I LOVE YOU" massage with your baby?

It's a great way to ease colic, constipation and gas, increase bonding a promote relaxation.

I love to start the massage with a few clockwise circles to the abdomen to get things going before starting the "I LOVE YOU" massage.

You can also end with the same clockwise circles and add bicycle pumps as you gently draw their knees to their abdomen one leg at a time.

You should always ask your baby for permission before massaging them. You can do this by rubbing your hands together and asking them if they'd like a massage. They will respond with a yes or no through body language.

This is also a great way for them to begin to understand the idea of consent and ownership over their body.

If they are fussy, start crying, turn their heads away or grimace, these are signs that they are not ready to receive massage. Give them some time and try again later.

Make sure you've waited approximately 30 minutes after a feeding before massaging your baby's tummy.

How to (see images provided as well):

  1. Make the letter "I" by slowly stroking down the left side of your baby's upper tummy to hip.

  2. Make an upside down letter "L" by slowly stroking from your baby's right upper tummy to left hip.

  3. Make an upside down letter "U" by slowly stroking from your baby's right hip to left hip.

You can start with 3 strokes of each first and then add more if needed. Apply enough gentle pressure to be effective. Do not go deep!!!

Reach out with questions.



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