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Postpartum Restoration Program

All birth is birth.

Whether you had a natural or a medicated vaginal birth, a cesarean birth, a home or hospital birth, you just did an amazing and beautiful thing! You birthed your baby! 

Now is the time to heal, retrain and restore your core. 

The Postpartum Restoration Program helps you optimize your natural healing process by:

  • Reconnecting with your body

  • Reconnecting your breath

  • Reconnecting with yourself

Working within your goals, the program:

  • Builds strength

  • Re-trains your deep core

  • Restores your deep core 

Simple foundational exercises combined with the Bellies Inc. Ab System are used to reduce the occurrence of pelvic floor dysfunction, abdominal separation, and retrain the deep core to work in a synergistic pattern.  

The Bellies Inc. Ab System provides safe therapeutic support for your abdominal wall while you are training.

What I love about this program is that it supports realistic goals of postpartum parenthood, giving you the time to connect with your baby and re-connect with yourself.

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