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Continuing Education Courses for RMT's

Infant and Pediatric Massage Therapy:

An Introduction for Massage Therapists and Health Care Providers

Course Description and Overview:


This comprehensive introductory two part workshop is designed to empower

health care professionals - specifically those who work in a hands-on environment with the pediatric population, with the skills and knowledge to provide gentle and nurturing touch through infant and pediatric massage.


The course emphasizes the importance of nurturing touch in enhancing emotional well-being and physical development.


In the initial session, participants are immersed in the world of infant massage.

They will learn the significance of nurturing touch in early development and how

it serves as a powerful tool for building trust and strengthening the caregiver-

infant bond. Through guided hands-on practice, participants will become adept at applying gentle strokes, employing techniques for digestive comfort, and

promoting relaxation and better sleep patterns.


The second part of the workshop builds on the foundation of infant massage and focuses on adapting massage techniques for various pediatric age groups,

addressing specific needs, and promoting overall well-being.

Participants will gain valuable insights into the benefits, safety considerations, and practical techniques needed to provide effective and nurturing touch to infants and young children. This course will undoubtedly equip the professional with the skills to promote the well-being and comfort of the youngest members of our community.


Overall Learning Outcomes:

Upon completing the course, the therapist will acquire a range of specific

knowledge and skills tailored for working with children:



Understanding infant and child development


Benefits of infant and pediatric massage


Safety considerations and contraindications


Adaptations for special needs and stages of growth


Communication skills


Specific stroke techniques and adaptations


Addressing common infant and pediatric conditions

Adaptive practices for the pediatric population

By the end of the infant and pediatric massage course, the participant will be well-equipped to provide safe, effective, and nurturing touch to children, promoting their physical and emotional well-being, and contribute to a positive and holistic approach to their health and development. Participants will receive a certificate of completion upon completion of this course.

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