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The Pregnant Pelvis


Stephanie Maxwell is a multi-passionate Registered Massage Therapist with particular expertise in perinatal & infant massage. As a leader in the world of touch therapy, Stephanie brings many years of experience, supported by certifications as a Registered Massage Therapist, perinatal & infant massage therapy, massage therapy for high-risk pregnancies, massage therapy educator, yoga & pelvic health yoga teacher, and pre & postnatal fitness. She excelled in her learning at the Sutherland-Chan School of Massage Therapy, and is a proud graduate alongside her 2014 class.


As a self-declared birth nerd, Stephanie has partnered with a doula to develop a course to help her clients holistically prepare for birth. She’s a firm believer that pregnancy is a time of incredible change. Not only the physical body, but also one’s spiritual & emotional sense of self. Those core values are evident in the utmost respect and gratitude she extends to every one of her clients. These values give her the edge in providing superior care, and ensure her clients feel safe, supported, and listened to. When she’s not supporting infants & perinatal clients, you’ll find her doing yoga, or in nature. Or better yet, doing yoga in nature.

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